Sandro von Haller

Founder and Owner of Fresh Goggles

The frustration of the high prices for a Goggle that would last for a season was the birth of Fresh Goggles

After graduating from high school I moved tot he Alps to become a ski-instructor.  After years of instructing I am currently focusing on off-piste skiing with close friends who share my passion for freeriding.

After working as an instructor for years and spending a fortune on ski goggles every year, I concluded that there was no quality on the market for a reasonable price. Therefore I started Fresh Goggles as a result of my passion for skiing and entrepreneurship.  Fresh is a young and dynamic company focusing on delivering the best quality for fair and reasonable prices. In this way I am able to combine my passion with my work. That makes being in the snow for Fresh Goggles even more precious.

Name: Sandro von Haller
Age: 25
Nationality: Dutch
Favorite Spots: Engelberg, Flachau-Wagrain
Pursuits: Chasing Happiness, Adventure, Powder
Favorite Goggles:

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